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“One of the best things I think this offers is learning your leadership style. Number two is how to deal with other leaders who have a different style, and how that trickles down to your team — and then making that team effective.”
Amra Resic, M.D., class of 2015
“You get to share ideas about how to better run your practice; about how to take something from a large hospital system and translate it down to your individual small specialty group, or vice-versa. You’re exchanging ideas about how to build a good team or drive quality improvement in your practice.”
David Winchester, class of 2013
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“I’ve told other physicians about the Leadership Academy and described it as a mini MBA for physicians. It’s a really fantastic way to understand the business side of medicine and put that into practice.”
Christie Alexander, M.D., class of 2012
“Whether you’re going to be in academics and learn how to be a better presenter, or whether you’re going to run a company and know the business aspects, it’s just very enriching to be part of this program.”
Melissa Hartman, D.O., class of 2012